Drowning can happen to anyone! (video)

On Sunday, May 5th, 2019, the Katy area lost a five-year-old boy in an active community pool. This incident shocked the community and began a conversation about how to raise awareness about drowning and how it can be prevented. When our agency couldn’t find many local resources on the topic, we decided to take action and create our own.

This video is the first of a series we plan to produce to help us prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again.  Please share this with friends and family and be a part of saving a life.  If you or your local pool has an interest in participating in this effort please reach out to us at CommunityTeam@hcesd48.org and help us make the Katy area a safer place for everyone.

We would like to thank the residents and HOA of King Crossing for participating in the effort. Many of the children in the video were present at the pool when the incident happened. We would also like to thank Waller Harris ESD 200 for joining us in this effort. This was their call in one of their subdivisions and they graciously accepted our request to produce this piece. Special thanks to Katy Aquatics who not only appeared in the video but helped behind the scenes in making sure our message was consistent with national drowning prevention efforts and Bella Media for shooting and editing the video.

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