Our First Responders need your help! (Link Below)

On August 26, 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Cities of Houston and Katy, Texas. As a Fire Department, our members banded together to help our community and assist neighborhoods and agencies around us. Many of our members were out in the flood waters across the Katy area helping our community even as they got reports that their own homes were flooding.  These men and women, whether paid or volunteers, worked multiple shifts and selflessly served others while their own homes and families were inundated by the most damaging storm to ever hit our area.

Over the past two weeks, we have been working to determine how many of our members were impacted by the flooding the Harvey brought to Katy.  So far, we have identified 16 members who were affected by this storm. Many of these families have had to move out of their homes with whatever they could salvage and will be displaced for many months. Through the fundraiser, we hope to help them defray some of the cost of the damage that was left behind and the cost of alternate housing while they repair their homes.  All donations (100%) to this campaign will go directly to support these 16 affected families.

As a Fire and EMS agency, we depend on our men and women in tough times… Please help us to help them as we help them through their tough times.  No donation is too small, we thank you for any support you can provide.  If you can’t financially support this effort, please share this campaign on social media and to any groups or organizations that might be open to supporting our team.


If you have any questions or if you have a non-monetary donation, please contact us directly by email at info@hcesd48.org  or by phone at (281)599-8888.

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