Barker and Addicks Reservoirs… How it affects the Katy area.

We have been receiving numerous calls and questions about the status of our two reservoirs, Addicks and Barker (also known as George Bush Park).  Both reservoirs are pictured below and are designed to collect and hold water in extreme weather events to prevent major flooding further downstream towards Houston.  Harris County Flood Control has announced that starting around 2:00 am Monday (8/28/17) they will begin to open the gates to release water and try to lower the levels that are quickly rising and beginning to flood the areas to the west and north of the reservoirs.  When these gates are opened the water will flow out of those gates into Buffalo Bayou through the Addicks and Barker outlet gates (see on the map below).  This water release will attempt to slow the rising levels that are threatening to fill the reservoirs which back up into the neighborhoods that border George Bush Park.



Addicks and Barker

Addicks and Barker Reservoirs release water east towards Houston through Buffalo Bayou


Even with the planned releases, it is expected that the water levels will continue to rise throughout the next few days.  The map below shows the areas around the George Bush Park that are the most prone to flooding when the reservoir backs up into the bordering neighborhoods (Addicks Reservoir Elevation Map).  Although street flooding has already begun all through these subdivisions, the first homes are expected to have water entering the structure when the reservoir rises to a level of 97 feet.  As the level rises above the 97 foot mark, the water will continue to push west towards the areas marked in red.


Barker Reservoir

Barker Reservoir (George Bush Park) will continue to rise even with planned releases to the east

As of our last conference call with Harris County Flood Control, they believe that the Barker Reservoir will likely achieve the 97-foot mark around 2:00 pm on Monday (8/28/17).  Harris County Flood Control will be contacting residents in the affected areas starting on Monday morning and suggesting that they voluntarily evacuate.


Barker record level

At 11:11 pm August 27th, Barker Reservoir officially surpassed the Tax Day Flood’s record level

Now that the Barker Reservoir has surpassed record levels set during the 2016 Tax Day Floods, we are encouraging those who live in these areas to consider evacuating if they can safely do so.

Action Steps:


  • Secure all utilities (electricity & gas) prior to leaving.
  • Consider moving furniture and important items either upstairs on two-story homes or as high off the ground as possible in single-story homes.
  • Collect all valuables and important documents (Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Passports, Wills, Insurance Policies, etc).
  • Bring memorable items and keepsakes.
  • Plan on water levels being elevated for weeks which may mean not being able to return for an extended period.


Army Corp of Engineers Press Release as of 1:00 am

We expect to have further information later this morning and we will post new information as soon as it becomes available.  Please like and follow us on our Facebook page and share this story to help combat the misinformation floating around social media.





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