HCESD 48 Hosts Special Blood Drive & Media Event (with video)

Blood Drive 7-2

The Harris County ESD 48 Fire Department is holding a blood drive this Saturday, July 2nd, at their Station #3 location on 1773 Westgreen Blvd in Katy. This drive, designed to promote blood collection for Gulf Coast Regional Blood Centers, is hosted from 9AM to 3PM and will help support HCESD 48’s new blood product program. Donors may set an appointment online, here:



What is unique about this drive?

HCESD 48 provides fire and EMS service in the greater Katy area. HCESD 48 has recently begun carrying blood products in the field thereby increasing their ability to assist critically ill and injured patients. Nationally, a limited number of ground EMS units are able to initiate and administer blood products to patients on-scene and while in route to hospitals. With this new initiative, HCESD 48 will be able to provide these services. HCESD 48 EMS units carry A-negative low titer liquid plasma and O-negative red blood cells (universal donor products). Through active medical direction with EMS Practice Guidelines, these products are carried on the EMS Supervisor’s vehicle and are available 24/7 for patient administration in the field. Both Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and the Memorial Herman Red Duke Trauma Institute have been invaluable partners in making this a reality.

Studies have shown the early intervention of blood products to injured trauma or critically ill patients helps improve their survival chances. Utilizing technology and assistance from air-medical and military medical partners, this process was adopted for ground based EMS.

EMS trucks banner


To date, four infusions of blood products have been completed. In early May this year, Westlake Volunteer Fire Department requested assistance (mutual aid) and HCESD 48 was on-scene and prepared to transfuse blood products at the scene of the Knight Transportation Active Shooter Event.

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is the primary supplier of blood components to more than 170 hospitals and health care facilities in the Texas Gulf Coast region. They are asking donors to join their Commit for Life program. It takes three simple steps:

  1. Know how your type matters;
  2. Donate what matters today; and
  3. Commit to your next donation.


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