May 21st Kitten Rescue (with video)

Saturday morning (May 21st), we received an Assist a Citizen call at Westgreen and Raintree Village just across the street from Franz Elementary. Cypress Creek Comm Center issued a non-emergency call and Engine 5 and I made the scene and met Jesse Espinosa who was walking his dog when he heard a small cry coming from the storm drain and wanted to help.

Jesse did the right thing and called 911 but made a point to let them know that it was not a life threatening situation.  If you have a question we recommend using our non-emergency number during business hours but being a Saturday and knowing he needed help with this situation that was beyond his ability calling 911 was the right thing to do. We kept our engine in service but had them head to the scene and with an amazing effort from everyone on scene we were able rescue this little cutie before the rain came in today.

If you know anyone who lives in the Raintree Village area that is missing a kitten, please let them know we found her.  Mrs. Gradney from Harris County Public Health picked up this little kitten this afternoon and established an activity number (16-131617) gave her and ID# (459661) and has put her up on their website.


This little kitten was a fun little addition to Station 3 while we waited for HCPHES to come out and pick her up.  She loved to snuggle with anyone who would let her and preferred to with someone at all times.  She is definitely not a stray and loves people.  If we can not find her original family I hope someone will adopt her and give her a good home.  Her page can be found at this direct link:


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