Cadet Academy – Hose Training (with Video)

Bustin ours to save yours! Training of the latest fire cadet class for ESD 48 started over a month ago and is in full swing. The intense training of our cadets consists of four months of intense physical and mental training on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and every other Saturday. The training is built to show the commitment of our future volunteer firefighters and see if they have what it takes to become apart of an elite fire department serving the Katy community.

On Saturday, March 26th ESD 48 Cadet class conducted hose training. During the
training the class learned the fundamentals of operating various types of hoses and nozzles utilized in fire operations. While the class focused hoses there is plenty of time taken during the class for students to practice putting on their fire gear and of course physical training. Physical training is designed to help each member build strength, endurance and muscle memory for firefighting tasks. This is accomplished with a varied program made up of cardio and strength workouts before class times, and by practicing the different tasks members may be asked to perform i.e. putting on protective gear, dragging victims, carrying equipment, etc.Maria and Rick2.jpg

During the course of the day cadets were trained by the skilled full-time, part-time, and volunteer firefighters that are actively on staff with ESD 48. Hose training (aka “Firestreams”) is the hands on practice and implementation of taking water or other extinguishing agents and directing them to a given “target”. It involves the deployment of supply lines (hose) from a water source to the fire engine, and from the fire engine through smaller attack lines the fire suppression teams will use to control the fire.Academy Training - Hoses 2016.00_01_54_02.Still001.jpg

Check out the following video to get a small glimpse of what our cadets experienced this past weekend.

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