Sometimes ‘life’ means puppies too. (video)

Every Fire Department has as part of its mission to protect the life and property of the residents they serve.  Usually this applies to the residents themselves, but occasionally it extends to their furry friends.


You can see two little paws sticking out from under the deck.

Shortly after 4pm, our dispatch center received a call from a frustrated and scared resident of the Williamschase subdivision.  One of her dogs, Petra, had found her way under their deck earlier in the day but had only gone a little way in and was able to be pulled out to safety.  The resident didn’t know if she was chasing something that had hidden under the deck but Petra crawled under the deck again and this time went so far that she could not get her out.  After what seemed like hours of calling and coaxing her, Petra stopped whimpering and began to give up.


Even after quite a bit of digging, Petra could still not move her hind legs.

Not knowing what to do and being concerned for her dog’s health, she called 911 and asked for help.  Battalion Chief Franklin Wilson and Lt. Simon VanDyk responded non-emergency to the residence and found that Petra was pinned in a shallow section of the deck and was compressed in such a way that she barely had room enough to breathe and could not move her head at all.


Battalion Chief Franklin Wilson carefully digs out under Petra to free her.

Using a small garden shovel, BC Wilson and Lt. VanDyk carefully removed dirt from around and beneath the pinned dog as they worked to free her.  Once they cleared the dirt from around her shoulders and chest, she began breathing more deeply, licking their hands and slowly she began trying to help her rescuers get her out.   Eventually, after a lot of digging, clawing and little gentle pulling, Petra made it out and was her old excited self. Once she could be calmed down and checked out she did not appear to a have any permanent injuries and acted like nothing had happened at all.  That’s a puppy for you.


As Petra is able to breathe better she begins to ‘help’ her rescuers.

You can see the video of the last few seconds of this rescue below.  Please remember, if you have a similar situation we will happily lend a hand but you do not need to call 911 to reach us if it is not an immediate emergency.  Please write down our Non-Emergency number (281) 578-2518 and/or save it in your phone so that if you find yourself in a situation beyond your control we will be just a phone call away.  I assure you that if we can’t help I bet we will know who can and will gladly help you find the support you need.


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