Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

In late September of 2015 a small group of volunteers fire fighters began a conversation about how we, as a fire department, could better connect and engage with the residents we serve.  All the normal ideas came up like station tours, open houses, school visits, neighborhood parades.  Most every fire department across America already does these events and although they are important components of a community outreach program this group wanted to go further.  Being residents of the area themselves, the question was posed…  “How can we do it differently?  How can we become a ‘Fire Department of the Future’?”

The Community Team

A concept began to form and quickly grew into a new and separate identity within the new fire departments structure. In the past, prior to the transition to Harris County ESD 48 Fire Department, it wasn’t really possible to volunteer unless you were interested in fighting fire. By establishing this team, we would now have a place for anyone who wanted to serve their friends and neighbors in the Katy community by joining their local fire department.

What was originally a group of volunteer fire fighters who wanted to help personalize the fire department and help it communicate better, morphed into a diverse team of passionate individuals working together to build something never before seen in the Katy area.  This team does not just include full-time, part-time, volunteer fire fighters as well as members of our Rehab division, administration and command staff but also includes everyday citizens who have come aboard to support this vision with their unique talents.

In December, we added John Glaser as our newest member of the Community Team. John, who works for Katy ISD by day and his own video production company by night, joined Harris County ESD 48 Fire Department as non-fire volunteer. He had heard about our goal of reaching people in new and innovative ways  was genuinely surprised to find out that he didn’t have to fight fire to be a part of our fire department. When asked, “what made you want to join the team?” He said, “I am excited to use my passion for video to share the story and vision of ESD 48 and its people.”

John recently finished our department’s first recruiting video highlighting one of our current cadets and he has a few more projects in the works. (Please subscribe to our channel to see future videos)

A Call to Action

The goal of the Community Team is to meet our citizens wherever they are. Whether it is digitally through our expanding social media platforms or physically in their neighborhoods, offices, schools, or places of worship, our goal is to connect with and educate our community through engaging programs that will help make them and their families safer in the future.

Do you have it in you to help in some way and want to serve your community? Do you have a skill, expertise or a passion we could use? We would love to hear your feedback and ideas. Together we can continue to make the Katy area a great place to work and live!

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