Severe Weather Warning and Important Links

We once again have a potential severe weather event approaching our area.  Below you will find the warning we just received in addition to some important tips and links you may want to bookmark or share with others.  This event may or may not hit us directly but the links below are our the primary sites we keep on hand for all major weather events.

***Potential severe weather outbreak today (12/27/15) for SE TX***

 ***Damaging winds and tornadoes the main threat. A few strong tornadoes possible***

What is the danger?

A cold front moving into Southeast Texas today will bring heavy rainfall, damaging wind and the potential for tornadoes to all of Southeast Texas, including Harris County. The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Watch, effective until 7:00 p.m. today (12/27/15).

What you need to do:

Residents are advised to closely monitor weather forecasts through local media and the National Weather Service throughout the day. Residents should be prepared to take protective actions with little or no notice. Multiple watches and warnings may be issued as this cold front pushes through to the coastline.

Some street flooding will be possible. Remember to Turn Around, Don’t Drown! Do not attempt to cross high water on foot or in a vehicle.

In the event of a tornado, follow these guidelines for safety:

Inside a structure:

  • Have a tornado plan ready…know what you will do if a tornado warning is issued.
  • Safest locations are on the lowest level of a structure away from windows.
  • Go to the center of a small interior room on the lowest level (closet, interior hallway) away from corners, windows, doors, and outside walls.
  • Put as many walls as possible between you and the outside.
  • Cover with blankets and pillows to help shield from debris impact.

Outside with no safe structure:

  • Never try to outrun a tornado in a vehicle and never hide under a freeway overpass…tornado windows are accelerated through the opening of such overpasses.
  • If there is no well built sturdy structure nearby, lie in an area noticeably lower than the level of the roadway and cover your head with your arms and a blanket, coat or other cushion if possible.
  • Watch out for flying debris. Flying debris from tornadoes causes most fatalities and injuries.

Severe Weather Links:

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